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Published Apr 18, 22
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We found a coupon for the Naples Princess for $24 each and spent a couple hours cruising inland bays. Later, we found a coupon for the Big M Casino cruise. We had five hours at sea and a gourmet buffet for just $10 each (normally about $28). Yes, we played a few penny slot machines and a game or two of bingo.

And, as always, check those thrift stores. That’s how one shopper got a designer handbag worth $500,000 for just $30. More likely finds are quality items for five or ten dollars that cost 10 or 20 times that new. You don’t always have to be rich to live where the rich live.

Yes, after purchasing a home for $47 million, sellers recently listed it for an asking price of $68 million, and small two-bedroom homes on the street where my wife and I lived can sell for over $300,000. But when we lived in Naples, we bought a condo for $89,000, with the pool just a few steps away.

And there are a lot of nice things that come with living in a town full of wealthy people. In Naples, we went to the symphony for free, went to free outdoor concerts, and as residents we didn’t have to pay for parking at the beaches. Is there an expensive restaurant that you would really like to visit? Maybe it’s got a great view or unique decor, or some other attraction (good food would be nice too).

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Many of us dream of living a more luxurious life than we currently do, but it seems like such a distant dream. Living a more luxurious life is easier than most people think. Before you start thinking about living a more luxurious life, you should first define what luxury means to you.

You should begin by asking yourself several questions like what does a luxurious life means to you? What is preventing you from living a more luxurious life? Finding the answers to those questions will be the best thing you can do to live in luxury. However, the following are a few tips to help you: Gratitude is a significant part of living in luxury.

We often do not pay attention to what we have and instead focus on what we lack. Unfortunately, it takes a change in mindset to start enjoying the things you already do have and live in luxury. Living in luxury may be as simple as enjoying your comfy couch while listening to music and drinking a glass of wine.

Yet, there is nothing as fulfilling as cooking and eating a meal as a family. Therefore, it would be best to let the best cooks in the family handle the meal or risk having to order take-out. It should be clear by now that luxury often does not involve money as there are things money cannot buy, like your health and good relationships.

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We live in a world of plenty and unfortunately, what that means for most people is that they can buy as many of whatever they want. On the contrary, if you want to live luxuriously, you should choose quality over quantity. A good example would be using a substandard pool vacuum cleaner you have to repair and replace constantly.

An item that can withstand the test of time is more luxurious than hundreds that break down easily and swiftly. The concept of quality over quality applies to so many facets of life. Investing in quality often means that you have much time and money left over to spend on other things that you consider essential.

The last thing you are thinking about on a hospital bed is the luxury in your life. There are particular crucial components of a healthy lifestyle that revolve around exercise, nutrition, and rest or sleep. It would be best to eat healthy and nutritious meals and engage in some form of exercise every day.

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Financial freedom is a seminal part of living luxuriously and a goal of just about anyone on the planet. You don’t have to make millions of dollars to be financially secure. As long as you have no outstanding debts, have a healthy amount of savings, and do not worry about money every day, you are on the right path.

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Of course, having more money and investing is essential to living a life of luxury. However, living luxuriously is more about the little things that make life enjoyable.