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Published Mar 12, 22
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Basics 101 16. Make A List And Check It Twice Well this is one of the basic rule of thumb for every keen and ardent traveler. Making a checklist doesn’t hurt much and as a result, it only helps in planning a better trip without missing out on anything be it minor or major.

17. Take Advice From The Famous Travel Bloggers Expert advice has always been helpful and it is always a good move to consult and take a opinion from the who’ve been there and done that. First-hand experiences of the traveler are any day better than heading to a place and not having an idea about what’s gonna be in store for you! 18.

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like a bit of luxury on their travels now and then? I know that I do. And the good news is that if you put in the time, effort and thought, you can find luxury travel on a budget, even as a solo traveller. Affordable luxury travel is one of the cornerstones of flashpacking.

Consider also the in your destination. For example, the lower cost of living in Africa, Malaysia, Thailand and Poland will allow you to find affordable luxury travel, from deal-breaking five-star hotels to fine dining for a steal. If you are thinking of travelling to Europe, your money will go further the further east you travel.

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Be a smart traveller and try to choose a country where you can live a luxury life for less. Avoid more touristy destinations Iran: One of the destinations where you can travel better for less To stretch your travel budget, chuck the Cayman Islands for Cuba; forsake Italy for Iran.

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The more popular travel places to visit are also the most expensive, so look instead for emerging or . In addition to lower hotel prices, the cost of living will also be lower, and they are less likely to be rammed with other travellers. You can sometimes have a more authentic experience in a less touristy destination and the locals will be less jaded and more welcoming.

Not only will you save money, but you can also avoid the peak season crowds. If you have visited the Italian Lakes in the summer you will understand what I am saying! The flip side of out of season travel is unpredictable weather and the closure of some restaurants and attractions.

Price is not the sole consideration when flying in a premium cabin. Not all business-class products are created equal and you need to carefully consider if the on-board service, seat and catering, for example, are worth the premium. That said, price is an important consideration. is my go-to platform to search for flights.

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Buy a train pass Of course, flying is not the only way to get from A to B. I am a massive fan of train travel. Not only is it a more eco-friendly way of transport, but it is also less stressful than boarding a plane and you are usually deposited slap-bang in the centre of town.

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Alternating luxury hotels with budget ones is a great way to save money (and to make those swanky hotels affordable). Even if a budget hotel turns out to be a bit grim, I’ll put up with it if I know that I have a great hotel to look forward to my next stop.

There is more than one way of doing this, but in recent years I have tended to enter the hotel and dates in , which will then generate prices from its partner sites. and , two aggregator websites, will do the same job. I use for 75% of my hotel bookings.

Whilst this clearly this has disadvantages, particularly in terms of safety for solo travellers, it is worth considering if transport options are cheap and convenient. Also, staying in more residential areas may also give you a better feel for a place. I’ll level with you. I am a little uncomfortable about all-inclusive hotels.

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However, they can offer good value and you can travel safely in the knowledge that most of your bills have been paid up-front. Find fine dining on a budget The next tip for finding affordable luxury travel is for the foodies out there. If you have your heart set on a top-rank restaurant and your budget won’t stretch to dinner, consider dining there at lunchtime.

There are many websites catering to this market, including and . Splurge in the right places Finally, the key to affordable luxury travel is knowing when to splash the cash. Whilst I will always try to fly business-class long-haul, I cannot see the value in the cost of a business class ticket for a two-hour flight.

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