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Published Apr 11, 22
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Efficiency, privacy and flexibility. These are just some of the reasons why flying private jet has become so popular over recent years. While many commercial airliners do offer great business or first class service, there is the domestic seating and numerous time wasters that leave more to be desired. Whether you are a business traveller looking to get from New York to Paris for a meeting or you are wanting to plan a family vacation with none of the hassles – then flying a private jet is the perfect solution for you! Here are 10 of the biggest benefits you will experience by choosing to fly with a private jet! When you fly commercial airlines, you waste more time than you realise.

With private jet’s your average waiting time is around five or six minutes. You do not have to worry about pointless queuing or missing your connecting flight. Business jets let you fly direct to an airport closer to your final destination, have their own security lines and depart when you are ready to fly.

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Business jets even let you adjust your take off times as you go about your day, making it more convenient than ever to reach your destination when a meeting runs late or to change your arrival airport while still in the air. Checking in baggage with commercial airlines can often be more drama than its worth.

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When you fly with a private jet charter, this annoying problem falls away. All baggage is free and can be placed in the storage department or on board making it easy for you to access your luggage during the flight. Even though commercial airlines have tried to improve their in-flight meals, they are never really that great or satisfying.

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You are free to behave as you would at home or work without the risk of your privacy being compromised. When you fly with an executive jet, you have the freedom to select your pilots and flight crew. This will help you gain peace of mind about their qualifications and the ability to get you from point A to point B.

Another benefit of flying with a private aircraft is their size. As most commercial planes are relatively large, they are unable to land on smaller runways. This is not a problem for private jets which are smaller in size and can give you more choice when it comes to landing at airports around the world.

Your executive jet can also organise a limousine to be ready waiting for you as you land so you can get to your hotel or business meeting immediately and without further delay. So there you have it, ten excellent reasons why you should choose to fly a private jet over a commercial airline next time you need to travel.

FLYING PRIVATE – TRAVEL ON YOUR OWN TIME Convenience and time savings are benefits that are often considered priceless in our modern, busy world, and flying private offers both in spades. Whether you are running late or early simply call ahead and notify the crew. When flying on a private aircraft, your flight leaves when you are ready.

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Private jet charter operators are able to fly into smaller airports that will be closer to your destination. With over 5,000 smaller airports available to you when you fly on private aircraft (approximately 10 times as many airports than are available by commercial airline service), the time saved will quickly add up.

When you arrive at one of the private fixed-base operators, you will find private lounges offering complimentary refreshments and toiletries where you can rest and freshen up. The Private Suite at LAX is a luxurious and popular example! The seating arrangement within most private jets more closely resembles a high-end living room, and you are free to move around from one seat to another throughout your flight.

Depends on the travel distance If you are unable to afford the costs that typically loom with the idea of flying private, then it should be no question to choose either first class or business class travel on a commercial airliner. It should go without saying that private jet seats are far more expensive than the standard first class or business class seat.

The exact same trip on a private jet will vary based on the size of the plane flown on, and will usually be on a per-hour basis. The structure for pricing to start is reflected as such: Light Jets: $5,500 per hour to start Midsize Jets: $6,200 per hour to start Supermid size Jets: $12,000 per hour to start Large Jets: $15,000 per hour to start Yeah, there is no question that those numbers are quite large.